EMU 0204 drivers for win10? the XLR doesn't work for me

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EMU 0204 drivers for win10? the XLR doesn't work for me

Post by funkysmell2 » Thu Dec 08, 2016 12:46 pm

Hi people

Does anyone knows where can I find the drivers and/or entire software?
Also, does anyone knows how do I use the XLR mic? do I have to configure something first?

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Re: EMU 0204 drivers for win10? the XLR doesn't work for me

Post by jmail » Sat Dec 10, 2016 7:38 pm

You'll have to contact EMU tech support and see if they'll get back with you. Try support@emu.com and tell them that you have an 0204, and that their download site has an 0404PCIe driver, not your 0204USB one. Give them about a week to ten days to get back with you. If you don't hear from them, try enquiry@emu.com and ask them if the support guys are working on it for you. The last person we heard from that tried contacting them never did get back with us here, so we don't know if tech support ever helped them or not. Another place to try is EMU Creative Forum, which is EMU's forum. Do not flame anyone there, cuss or anything because you will be banned and your issue dropped. We do the same thing here, but we at least tell you why. They don't over there. You're just gone. For what it's worth, here's their "Support" page for it: EMU 0204USB

In the meantime, if you don't have the software, you won't be able to do much. But, to use the XLR, you need a low impedance mic. Something like a Shure SM58 works great. You cannot use any other input on the Left Channel when you use the XLR. Same with the Right Channel. Only one input for each. Also, for an XLR mic, if you have a condenser mic that needs phantom power, I don't think the 0204USB has that (it does for the 5v electret on the Right). You'll need to get yourself an external unit, such as a Nady SMPS-1X. Behringer probably has something similar. This is NOT an endorsement of those product. Myself, I'd get something a little better than them. But that is an example of a cheap & inexpensive one.


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