Large Croud Noise Suppression :?

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Large Croud Noise Suppression :?

Post by Erock8 » Sat Jul 30, 2016 12:26 am

So there has been some mention on internet news sites about the DNC suppressing the noise (chanting) created by the Bernie Sanders supporters. It goes something like "White noise" used to cancel/suppress the crowd noise. Or, what is being referred to as "sound suppression units". BTW, None of these websites seem to be very credible. I've even had debates on FB about if this is even possible, or a thing. That being said, has anyone heard of this or does it even exist. It seems unlikely and would require very high decibels of white noise to suppress a crowd of say 100+ people all chanting at once. It seems that this would just be covering the noise and even have a negative effect of an extremely loud white noise that might be even more distracting than the crowd itself. In a video a girl points to a speaker that allegedly the white noise comes from. The speaker appeared to be no bigger than an indoor PA speaker. Hardly big enough to do what is being stated, IMO.

Any thoughts?

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Re: Large Croud Noise Suppression :?

Post by jmail » Sun Jul 31, 2016 2:48 pm

We had white noise makers in the office where I worked, and they do function as intended. However, we're talking about an office space, 50 x 350 foot wide / long, with 12 foot "real" ceilings, with the noise makers hanging from the ceiling, about 1 foot down, like a dozen or so in the room, with a drop ceiling then at the 10 foot mark, so they were "disguised". All they did was make it to where Jimmy, over at Debbie's desk, could talk about last night, and not disturb Bob, who was actually working, down at the other end of the room. It did NOT make it to where noise didn't travel if enough volume level was used, it just brought the noise level down a bit, by virtue of wave cancellation. The levels of the "noise boxes" doesn't need to be much, just enough to cancel some high-end waves.

As for in an arena setting, it'd be next to impractical, I would think. Might be possible with modern electronics, but like you say, 100 people chanting something WILL be heard. Now, the networks used directional cardiod mics, I'm sure, and they probably also had some really good directional mics at the podiums, so you would not hear much of a "crowd" sound being recorded anyway. You would need some Omni mics to do that, and they would have fed back in that environment, if put through the PA system.

Anyway, like most things called "news" today, they exaggerate in order to push their point, no matter who's side it is. Everything, including the weather on the six o'clock news is "unprecedented"... Got's tah sell them papers... err, they've gone bankrupt, haven't they?...

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