Restructering of EMU Boards

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Restructering of EMU Boards

Postby SystemFile » Thu May 17, 2012 1:13 am

You'll now notice that the E-MU section has been restructured, with all the USB Devices now lumped under the whole section, with the 0202, 0204, 0404 & TrackerPre all under that USB Devices section. Similarly with the DAS Devices, in that the 0404, 1212, 1616, 1820 & PatchMix stuff are all lumped together under the DAS Devices section. The keyboards are all under the Keyboards section, etc. There will be some further movement, since it appears that some things are under the wrong sections. You'll also notice that things like the Wish List and similar are gone, since they are no longer relevant. More pruning is planned for the future. Stay tuned for further updates. Thanks.

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