Production Forums to CLOSE DOWN?

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Production Forums to CLOSE DOWN?

Postby jc » Fri Jan 27, 2017 12:18 pm

hi all,
well it has been quiet lately and has been for months, mainly after Slayerbear has not been active here one of our all time main members, Along with 2rocks and a couple of others who have been busy with other things in their life it became a bit quiet here in recent times. Bear is in a new band and doing a lot with them so that is why he is not around much. Jmail and me are about the only 2 that are still somewhat active from the old crew.

So I guess the question some people might be wondering is, will Production Forums CLOSE DOWN?

Well I just want to say absolutely NO it won't be. The forum will not be going away anytime soon The fact is I have a long term strategy for the forum. I'm currently developing some other social media networks that will bring in a lot of activity in the near future. I have been developing networks around video editing, audio production, multimedia etc with a lot of people involved. I have not linked to the forum from those networks yet as I want to make sure they are really active with thousands of members then I will open the flood gates. ;)

So the forum might be quiet at the moment but I can assure you all it's only temporary so stay tuned. I would recommend to grab a good seat, some beer and a large popcorn pack ;) :lol: :D

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